Friday, February 6, 2009

This is weird. I want to talk to you. I want to feel your presence. Yet, staring blankly at the open chat window not knowing what to say is sending little jabs of soreness through my heart. Which makes my eyes water. Just a tad though. I've had this before, i know the drill. Blink a few times, swallow and the eyes would dry up on their own. It's a 3 second process, provided you can successfully berate yourself mentally for being an idiot and suck it in.

Have we reached the phase where there is nothing much to say to each other? Is it because we are technically living separate lives? Or maybe i'm the only one feeling this way because of the disappointment brought upon by the revelation that your plans are unexpectedly different from mine.

Or maybe i'm just spending too much time idling away and being a complete waste of space on earth, thus leading to excessive boredom which then lead to unfounded frustration over the most trivial matters.

Or maybe i just need more food. Even though i had consumed 2 times more than my required calorie intake today.

Its okay. If i ignore the problem, it'll go away.

sincerely weinie
6:43 PM