Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The author of one of the random blogs which i read has finally broken up with her boyfriend whom she had been consistently complaining about over the past few months due to his lack of concern for her. This isn't a typical case of an attention-hungry girlfriend whining about her boyfriend not being at her beck and call, this is a case of a self-absorbed boy in a man's body, who loves his girlfriend as much as he loves dirt and treats her like it to prove his point, but doesn't have the courtesy to end things with her and stop wasting her time. It even reached a point where he made her brave through the freezing weather on foot because he was too worried to let her drive his car without him sitting beside her. Guys like these disgust me. I hope he marries a hot chick who'd turn into an obese bitch and kick him around (think Norbit's wife) after 3 months of marriage.

With all the problems that they had in their relationship, i've always wondered why she wouldn't just dump him. Perhaps she was half-hearted about letting go because they had been together for a long time and she had envisioned their future together. Besides, she wasn't getting any younger, so there's always the fear of not being able to find someone else.

In fact, this is one of women's most dire problems (right below a broken condom and one step above having not-so-great facial features). I believe in the adage on the negative relationship between a woman's level of attractiveness and her age. Because not all of us can afford, nor have the will, to become Demi Moore and not all men have a strange preference for saggy boobs and wrinkled skin. Therefore, a woman who stays in a relationship with the same man long enough to lose her physical appeal only to find out that the man is so big of a jerk that he's one rung lower than slugs, would soon realise that she's gotten herself into a massive amount of shit.

Because the ideal decision to dump the guy would almost certainly earn her a place in SpinsterVille. Of course, there are people who do get married at 40, but i don't see how fitting into a wedding gown with a chunky, 4-decade-old body and chauffering a 10-year-old kid to tuition classes when you're 52 can be romantic. (I realise that all you feminists may be frowning upon my seemingly desperate need to get hitched but my life long dream is to live off my husband's money, watch tv and stuff my face with unhealthy snacks every single day. So there.)

Hence, women should find ways to alleviate this problem. I propose casually dating other men while being in a committed relationship. This way they would have a basis on which to evaluate the suitability of their current partner to become their potential life partner. Besides, this method is justified because women, unlike men, do not have their minds controlled by their genitals therefore casual dating would be restricted to having friendly conversations over a cup of fruit tea. And maybe classy gourmet dinners once in a while. Add in weekly sponsored shopping sprees and the combination would be perfect. =D
In essence, without fornication, it isn't exactly infidelity. (There, another piece of Princess MeowMeow's precious wisdom passed on to you.)

sincerely weinie
9:07 PM