Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Last weekend was spent in KL having the most unfulfilling shopping trip ever. Went shopping with Nish on Friday but came back empty handed. (Except for a black tube dress, but according to Princess MeowMeow's Big Book of Life Wisdom, any amount below 5 items is considered "empty handed" when it comes to shopping sprees in KL.)

Stayed in Genting with PotatoPig on Friday night. Somehow it was exceptionally cold. Not the kind of cold which makes the hair on your arms stand, it was more like taking a bath at 4 a.m. in a tub full of ice with the temperature being -5 degrees outside. I was literally shivering, which says a lot about how chilly it was, because i don't normally get shivery very easily since i'm a Disney princess and we Disney princesses are quite strong.

On Saturday i was supposed to continue shopping with Nish while PotatoPig went to class but she wasn't feeling too well so i ended up shopping by myself for 8 hours or so. Didi was free to accompany me but she could only go to 1U and i am useless when it comes to taking public transportation so i decided to just stay put in Times Square. Contemplated calling Juean out but i figured that i'd be better off shopping alone than dragging a guy who thinks of shopping as the next best thing to scrubbing toilet bowls with a toothbrush around.

Nonetheless, i don't really mind shopping alone. In fact, i find it quite comfortable that i can shop at my own pace and be as fickle as i like. And by fickle i mean entering a shop, spotting something i like, trying it on, leaving the shop in pursuit of something else which i might like better, not finding anything that i like better, returning to the first shop and repeating the whole process two more times.
(See, this is why i don't really shop with PotatoPig, because being a hog and all, he would get tired after 2 hours so we would have to take a break, which gives him a good excuse to eat, thus making him even fatter till the point of near explosion.)

Anyway, after 8 hours of solitary shopping i still couldn't find anything i liked therefore, making this shopping trip an utmost failure. However, we checked into Ancasa Hotel later that night and our room had a gorgeous view of KL tower and the bustling roads below. There's a sense of inexplicable coziness that comes from looking at a brightly lit city which is reduced to a miniature size from 4 storeys high. That made up for the botched shopping quest hence, i was contented.

One thing i noticed from this trip is how immaculately made up the girls in the malls were. All of them seemed to have flawless hair and perfect make up. And that made me a teenie bit conscious of the fact that i looked like a slob in my Little Miss t-shirt, fluorescent pink farmer-like pants and no make up. Just a teenie bit though. I got over it in 3 seconds and resumed shopping happily like a fat kid surrounded by colourful cakes and cookies, oblivious to his surroundings and the disapproving looks of all the other skinny people. So all was fine and dandy until PotatoPig showed up and commented that i looked like a lost kid from a rural village.

Then again, that isn't entirely a bad thing. Because now i can try out for this:


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